“Alicia’s work as a director reflects an innate and passionate understanding of the theatrical event and intellectual rigor. She knows stage poetry and stage metaphor and her work is infused with it. I believe that she will make a significant contribution to our field.” 

-Anne Bogart, Artistic Director, SITI Company


“Working with Alicia, you feel nurtured and safe to push boundaries beyond your comfort level. When you meet her, you cannot miss how she carries herself with a confidence and honesty that will inspire you to be as honest and confident in every choice you make. Alicia successfully does what every actor hopes every director will do: nourishes and challenges.”

-Elizabeth Olsen, Film and Stage Actress


“Alicia is an inspiring and creative visionary as well as an intuitive physical participant during the coaching process. A coach with a sense of purpose and love for theater, she’s also hungry to listen. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

-Natalie Paul, Film, TV, and Stage Actress


“Alicia displays a real grasp of text, actor, style, and image. Her work has style, but is deeply felt; Alicia is a humanist in her bones, and everything she comes in contact with is imbued with a real depth of understanding. Alicia is one of those rare young directors who does indeed have ample vision, but her vision puts the human condition front and center. She is a wonderful, open person; a natural leader and collaborator, she knows how to get the best out of everyone she works with. I've never seen companies so committed to their director as I have with Alicia.”

-Brian Kulick, Artistic Director, Classic Stage Company


“Ms. House combines her imaginative interpretations while maintaining the integrity of the script and the contributions of the actors.”

-Arthur French, Obie-Award Winning and Broadway Actor


“Alicia is one of the most visual and collaborative directors I have had the pleasure of working with. In the design process she is like a little bird making just the right nest. She passionately searches for the perfect material to best serve the piece. This inspires her designers to be really imaginative and collaborative. What a joy it is to be part of her vision and the group creation.” 

-Jiyoun Chang, Obie-Award Winning Lighting Designer


“Alicia House and her theatrical work brims with passion. I have collaborated with her on seven productions, all of which were brilliant. She is dedicated to the whole body as an expressive instrument. Alicia uses her mind like a cross between a sword and a magic wand; She is a director on the rise, and her contribution to theater is invaluable.”

-Katie Bull, Freelance stage, film, and television vocal production coach; Head of Vocal Production, Atlantic Theater Company Acting Studio & NYU, Tisch School of the Arts/Atlantic.