“Working with Alicia, you feel nurtured and safe to push boundaries beyond your comfort level. When you meet her, you cannot miss how she carries herself with a confidence and honesty that will inspire you to be as honest and confident in every choice you make. Alicia successfully does what every actor hopes every coach will do: nourishes and challenges.”—Elizabeth Olsen, Film and Stage Actress

My goal as a coach is to support and propel the actor to success in their craft. I offer in-depth coaching for actors who are preparing for roles or auditions. I make it a priority to learn about each actor’s goals and skill level in order to create an appropriate course of action. Depending on the artists’ needs, sessions range from a one- time audition coaching to a tailored course improving the actor’s overall technique.

I work with actors to:

  • Unlock their talent.
  • Develop skills, range, and confidence.
  • Strengthen vocal and physical technique.
  • Select fresh and dynamic audition material that best showcases their unique talent.
  • Deepen their understanding of a character.
  • Expand their knowledge of text work, ranging from classical to contemporary.
  • Develop strategies to better market themselves.

Alicia’s clients have successfully booked high profile acting jobs and have been accepted into top-tier training programs.

To learn about sliding-scale rates, receive a complimentary consultation over Skype or phone, and to book a session contact Alicia: